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    In a healthy democracy, citizens can have a say on matters that are important to them. Voting in an election is one way of doing this but you don’t need to wait until you can vote to participate in civic life. You can start making changes in your community right now!

    Get Active

    It’s easy to feel like your voice isn’t heard when you’re not yet allowed to vote, but it’s not necessary to feel this way. There are lots of ways you can speak up, and ensure that people listen to what you want to say. Some ways of engaging in our democracy may seem a bit confronting to you, but don’t worry, there are many different ways that you can speak up or be heard about the issues that you’re passionate about. It’s all about deciding which methods work best - for both you and the issue you’re passionate about. These activities will provide you with some examples of activism, help you plan and prepare, and give you some tools to get your message out there.