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Who wants to create change?

Students creating change

Passport to Democracy (PTD) encourages and empowers primary, secondary, and senior applied learning and VCE students to find their voice, and use it to contribute to positive changes for their community. The PTD resources provide a framework to help students choose an issue they are passionate about, research it and create a campaign promoting their issue. This process demonstrates to students the power in their voice and how they can, as active citizens, take part in our democracy.


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Save planning time and explore active citizenship with your students using our free, curriculum-aligned resources.

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Be The Change: a decision-making game that shows players how various active citizenship strategies can be used to achieve change in a democratic society.

Players are presented with a problem, they decide on their preferred solution from a range of options, and then choose which strategies they will use to influence the decision-makers. In developing and promoting their solution they need to convince the decision makers (the local council) that their plan has economic, social, environmental and community benefit, is practical and sustainable, and is supported by the local community.
Please note: this is an interactive that involves reading and decision making, and which allows for a variety of pathways to reach a final evaluation of your strategy.

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What’s going on?

Need some inspiration, or want to know what’s happening in the world of democracy and voting? Keep up to date by checking out the links below.

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Students and teachers are invited to explore modern democracy and apply for the competition, which includes an interstate study tour.

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