Youth Parliament teams 2017

How can your students be involved? Easily!

1. In teams of 6, choose 3 community issues they care about.

2. State the change they want to see. This will become their ‘bill topic’ .

3. Fill out their ‘bill topics’ into this YMCA 2017 Youth Parliament application form. Submit by 17th March!

(Pssst: activities in the PTD and Partner Up Decide lessons can help students work out what matters to them. They can play Who Decides to find out which issues relate to State government.)

What is it?

Teams spend a week in Melbourne, with three days debating issues and bills in the Chambers of Parliament on Spring Street.

They are mentored to prepare a bill, which can be presented to relevant Ministers. 25 pieces of State legislation have started in Youth Parliament, including:

  • Roadside Drug Testing fYMCA youth parliament picor Drivers
  • Over the Counter Availability of the Morning After Pill
  • Mandatory Wearing of a Bicycle Helmet
  • Removal of Glass from Identified High-Risk Entertainment Venues
  • Gun Reformation Laws.

(image courtesy of YMCA)

There is also a weekend training camp for team members to be develop skills in relationship-building, team-work, public speaking and leadership, as well as to have fun. Check out the YMCA Youth Parliament website for more details.

Why do we recommend it?

How AMAZING does the program sound? What a way for young people to have direct input into politics! Not to mention engaging in debate, decisions, governance, and making their voices heard.

We would LOVE to see teams from Passport to Democracy schools making their voices heard. Get in touch with us or the YMCA for application instructions, and for those who submit teams, well done and GOOD LUCK!

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