What does it mean to be an Active Citizen?









Making change…

Active citizens do many ‘things’ to improve the lives of others. They contribute to social justice in their community by taking action on issues in order to make a difference. They question the way things are done.

Active citizenship can be demonstrated globally, nationally and locally.

Global examples of active citizen groups working together include international organisations such as Oxfam, The Red Cross and Teachers without Borders.

National groups working for the common good include events such as Clean Up Australia Day, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and the annual Red Shield Appeal.

Local active citizens may work within a school committee, church group, community organisation such as Lions or with the local council to make change in the immediate community.  An example of this would be identifying and advocating to the local council to provide additional facilities such as a new school due to population growth in the area.

Schools further provide authentic opportunities for students to become active citizens. Being involved in the student representative council, taking on a school captain position or participating in peer mentoring programs allow students to develop the aforementioned skills such as uniting, connecting and making change…

Have a look at this video for some further inspiration!

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