Why vote?

Activity Instructions

By completing these questions, you will reflect about what you have learnt about democracy and voting.
There is no right or wrong answer.

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1. How much do decisions made by government affect your everyday life?

2. When you are 18, do you intend to enrol and vote?

3. Voting is important because:

4. Voting is a right and responsibility of every citizen.

5. In a democracy voting is about choice, therefore voting should not be compulsory.

6. The voting age should be lowered to 16, so that young people can vote.

7. What influences you in voting?

8. If you had the chance to ask a politician one question before an election which of these would it be:

9. Before voting at an election, how important it is to investigate and understand what parties or candidates are all about?

10. If there was an election tomorrow in Victoria, and you were of voting age, and it was not compulsory, would you vote?

11. Voting is only one way of having a say on issues that impact you. Which of these have you completed as part of the Passport to Democracy project: