Term 4 Fun!

The end of the school year is not too far away and it’s a great time to get your students involved in ‘Be the Change’.

This online game presents students with a community problem; they decide on their preferred solution from a range of options; and then choose which practical, democratic steps they will use to influence the decision-makers.

However, the process is not always necessarily as simple as they think it could be!  There are times students will meet hostility or opposition to their proposal, and part of the challenge is to develop further strategies that can overcome these new obstacles.

Be the Change’ will appeal to students’ wanting to wind down Term 4 with entertaining activities and will keep their motivation levels up with its formative feedback. The game can be used as an assessment task, or a springboard for hands-on school or community action. It encompasses relevant curriculum requirements and has been developed as a resource for the Victorian Curriculum and Australian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship and the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).  It is aligned with and can be used for:

  • Years 5 and 6 Civics and Citizenship: concepts of how people experience democracy and participate in their community
  • Years 8 and 10 Civics and Citizenship: concepts of how people can participate in a democracy, and how people can contribute to creating a resilient democracy and a cohesive society
  • Senior VCAL, Personal Development Skills, Unit 2, Learning Outcome 3, learning activity for element 3.2: Identify internal and external factors that may impact on desired outcome/s, and plan for possible contingencies.

Enjoy using it in your classrooms!

Patricia Yankos

(PTD Coordinator)

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