Partner Up: Teacher guides

Four teacher guides include curriculum alignment, resource lists, activity instructions, activity sheets and guides, sample answers and direct links to any online media used. For further clarification of any activity, you can read its ‘steps’ section in student workbooks. These workbooks include each activity’s purpose, steps, activity sheets, activity guides and space for students to record their evidence. Through ‘Bookings’, you can order a free printed and bound copy, containing all four workbooks, for each student. You can also book the VEC to run a free mock-election incursion for your class, or order election materials including voting booths and ballot boxes, through the ‘Bookings’ link, above.

Download student workbooks
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    During Decide (1-2 weeks), students find and consider issues in their community. The learning activities encourage them to connect with one or more issues so that by the end of Decide, they independently choose a community problem they care about and want to tackle through Partner Up.

    Partner Up teacher guide: Decide 1.46 MB
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    In Research (2-4 weeks), students conduct background and fieldwork research in the community. By the end of Research, students will have a detailed understanding of their issue, local community members’ views and organisations for partnership.

    Partner Up teacher guide: Research 7.97 MB
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    Activate (3-7 weeks) shares examples of practical actions before students form their own goals and plans. Groups are supported to create proposals for partner organisations and meeting agendas, to contact decision-makers and to run a media campaign as they take practical action in their community.

    Partner Up teacher guide: Activate 1.72 MB
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    In Vote (2-3 weeks), students complete their partnership’s actions in the community. They are supported to work through obstacles and reflect upon their progress, skills, conflict management and teamwork. Vote includes an optional VCAL celebration night and free mock-election incursion from the VEC.

    Partner Up teacher guide: Vote 415.00 KB