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    Australian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship

    According to the current Australian Curriculum, Passport aligns best at a Year 8 level. All of the lesson plans include relevant links to the content descriptors at this level. Some components of the course are also suitable for Year 9 students, those are indicated in the attached document.

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    AusVELS: Secondary

    The Passport resource is suitable for teaching from Year 8–10. The process of investigation would be similar across the levels. The level of difficulty emerges upon the selection of an issue. For instance, in Year 8 students can focus on local issues, Year 9 on national and Year 10 on global.

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    AusVELS: Primary

    In this document we have mapped lessons of the program according to the curriculum for Year 6. Students in primary schools, who are taking action on issues for the first time should build their skills by working on a school project first.

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    Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

    Passport is perfect for the Personal Development, Unit 2, as it asks students to identify an issue and take an action on it. With senior VCAL students teachers will need to provide more support when it comes to creating partnership projects and assessing risks.

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