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Passport Goes Mobile

Well, the first full week of the school year (for most schools) has come to an end! I’m sure you all feel like you’ve been back forever, and have all settled back into the routines and rhythms of teaching – with all that they bring. We certainly feel that way! Now that you’re back at […]

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Welcome to 2019!

We at the Victorian Electoral Commission hope that you’re feeling well rested and ready for students to start back next week! As you look over the year ahead and finalise your Civics and Citizenship unit plans, don’t forget to consider when you’re going to engage with the Passport to Democracy content and invite our team […]

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Increasing electoral participation in young Australians? We can do that!

When I was 16 years old, I was quite politically engaged. It was 2007 and I was very much aware of the changing political climate, the buzz around emerging political personalities, the new engagement opportunities that websites like Twitter afforded both politicians and punters, the political themed comedies that saturated both government and commercial television, and […]

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