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All lesson plans are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum and the Australian Curriculum for teaching of Civics and Citizenship content across years 6 - 10. Passport to Democracy can be also used in VCAL classes.

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The Passport lesson plans have been divided into four modules: issue, research, action and election. Each lesson plan contains at least four activities with detailed instructions, online content and activity sheets.

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Mini-Passport lessons

The eight-lesson Passport unit guides students to complete and evaluate an action in response to their chosen issue. It is shorter in length, allowing teachers to conduct summative and formative assessment.

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You can edit this summative and formative assessment resource. It includes assignment instructions, a submission checklist and curriculum-aligned rubrics, plus a list of assessment for learning Passport activities.

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An integrated Senior unit covering all outcomes in PDS, Unit 2, and five in Literacy Skills. Its four phases support VCAL students to form a partnership with a local organisation and take practical action on an issue in their community.

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