How political am I?

Activity Instructions

Answer the questions and see how you fare in comparison to your peers.

1. How much do decisions made by government affect your everyday life?

2. If you had the chance to create a new world, what would it be based on?

3. Which of these best describes what ‘democracy’ means?

4. When someone says the word ‘political’ to you, which of these best describes what your understanding is:

5. You are an editor of a ‘political’ section of a newspaper. Which headline would you choose to be part of your section?

6. When buying a product which of these influences you the most:

7. You discuss what is happening in the world when:

8. The one thing that you most enjoy doing is:

9. How often do you pay attention to what's going on in politics?

10. Which of these are you unlikely to do?

11. If you were a politician and had to make a decision to protect one of the freedoms which one would it be?