What activism looks like

Taking Action

For the first time, students from Waracknabeal College have decided to take an action on school and community based issues.

Being Heard

In Being Heard, a group of Victorian students explain the challenges they have faced in selecting and working on their chosen issue.

Taking action on a national issue

This video was produced by Bethlehem College independently of the VEC. It is listed here with permission, as a good example of active citizenship.

Your Issue, Your Voice, Your Say

A group of Year 11 students pull together a petition, gather signatures and present it to their local Member of Parliament.

Building a skate park


Three friends influence a council into creating a skate park for young people. Does your council have an area where young people can engage either in physical activity or a place where they can share ideas? Is this something that is needed in your local area? What would be the impact on young people and the rest of community?

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Activation Tips

  • As taking action on issues can take a while, select an issue that you are passionate about.
  • Is there anyone else who feels the same way about this issue? Get them on board, they might be able to help.
  • Your chosen issue must be a community based issue rather then a personal issue!
  • Know all of the important facts about the issue. Other people will question you as to why your issue is important’ and ‘why is it an issue’. Make sure you know these answers.
  • Your next step is planning the action!