Action practice

Game: Be the Change

vec-0-1 You need community support to make a real change. How can you take action, gain influence and overcome obstacles?

Will your action plan succeed? Play Be the Change to find out.


Activity: Run an event

As part of your campaign you may want to organise a public event. Or perhaps use a public space in order to hold an event. When deciding to hold an event, think about what else you can do and why an event is the best action to take.  An event can be anything, from organising a school concert which raises an awareness of your issue, holding a debate, inviting experts to discuss an issue or organising community awareness about an issue.


In Australia and Victoria, citizens are allowed to organise rallies or protests in public spaces in order to voice their opinion on issues.  In order to hold an event (be it small or large) you always need to seek the permission of a person on whose land you are holding an event. This can be an individual, business, local council or state or federal government department.  If you are expecting a large number of people, police should also be informed.

Practice time!

A group of young people have chosen littering in their local park as an issue. There has been an increase in people visiting the area and leaving their unwanted rubbish, as there are not enough bins and visitors are not taking their rubbish with them. One of their actions is to create a short play in the park which would educate people about littering, especially kids who visit the park and their parents.

Activity Instructions

Read through the case study scenario. Review all of the eight steps.

Drag and drop three steps that these young people should start working on immediately.

Organise transport and find an adult to accompany the group.
Contact the council for permission.
Write synopsis of the play, its messages and goals.
Create a list of tasks and allocate responsibilities.
Write and rehearse the play.
Source or make costumes, props and campaign T-shirts.
Get ready for media: media release, posters and photos.
Contact the media (papers and radio).

Event preparation (Word, 47 kB)